1. I wish to place an order for the first time - what do I have to do?

    1. Is a registration with you necessary for me to order?

      No, you may place orders as a guest.

    2. How secure is the online shop?

      We have a seal of approval from Trusted Shops, showing that the online shop is secure and trustworthy. We were tested for price transparency, delivery conditions, data protection and other important criteria and have been certified successfully. Refer to www.trustedshops.de for further information on Trusted Shops.

    3. Is it possible to buy your products in other shops as well?

      Currently, our products are only available in our online shop as well as at miscellaneous design fairs where we are represented. For the future, we are planning our own Pop Up Stores – however, detailed information is not available yet.

  2. I have a question about the shipment costs and delivery.

    1. How much are the shipment costs?

      The shipment costs are calculated and automatically added for each order, depending on the number and size of the products as well as the shipping location. Here you can learn more about your shipping costs.

    2. Who is the service provider for dispatching the products?

      Depending on the scope of your order (size and weight), the products are dispatched as a Maxibrief (German maxi letter) cardboard or envelope by the Deutsche Post or as a package/parcel by DHL.

    3. Is there a tracking number?

      No, currently not.

    4. May I specify a packing station as a delivery address?

      No, this is unfortunately not possible since our deliveries are made by the Deutsche Post.

    5. May I order something from you if I do not live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

      Exceptions are possible here. However, you have to pay the increased postage rates yourself. Please send us an e-mail so that we can clarify all details.

    6. I live in Münster. May I collect my order directly from you?

      Unfortunately, this is not possible.

    7. Unfortunately, I could not go and collect my parcel at the post office, and it has been returned now. Can you send it to me once again?

      We will gladly send you your parcel again. However, we will additionally bill an amount of 8 Euros for new packaging material, shipment and work time.

  3. Your Payment

    1. What types of payment are possible?

      You may pay by advance payment (bank transfer), PayPal or Amazon Payments.

    2. How much time do I have for a payment?

      If you decide on an advance payment (bank transfer), you may transfer the outstanding amount to our account within 10 days after the conclusion of the contract.

    3. I placed my order 4 days ago and have not yet received anything? What is the reason?

      If you specified advance payment/bank transfer as a payment method, we will not handle the order unless the outstanding amount has been received by us. Unfortunately, problems and payment cancellations occur now and then in the case of PayPal payments. Please check first whether your PayPal transfer has been debited from your account before you contact us.

  4. Help, I have a problem!

    1. My order and/or a product of my order is faulty or has been damaged during transport. What should I do?

      This is very annoying, but may occur now and then. Please send us a photo of the damage or fault. We will check it and then decide on the further procedure. In most cases we will replace your product with a new one. Conventional faults: 1. My products have been bent or become wet by the delivery. 2. My product is faulty (missing pages, printing errors, glue does not stick.

    2. I received other products and/or products were missing. What should I do?

      In such a case please contact our customer service. We will then check as to what has gone wrong and may send missing articles.

    3. The ordered products do not meet my wishes.

      Of course, this is a pity! In such a case you may return them and you will get your money back for the articles. However, you will have to pay the postage rates.

    4. My product has been used for an extended period of time and now it no longer works; I am so sad!

      Of course, we do not want you to be sad. Please send us an e-mail and tell us your problem, including photos. Depending on what is not working we may replace your product or send you something small to cheer you up. Your feedback may help us to further develop and improve our products.

    5. My parcel has not arrived!

      Don’t panic, we will handle it! Our first questions are: Is your order older than 5 days and have you made the payment on the same day? The specified address is complete and correct? You did not find a yellow piece of paper in your letter box, and your neighbours have not received anything either? You have not ordered a product which has an extended delivery time (pre-orders)? If you can answer all questions with Yes, it would be best to write an e-mail to us or make a brief call so that we can clarify together what the cause may be. Don’t worry, everything will always be cleared up.

    6. My voucher code does not work!

      Should your voucher code not work, send us your code once by e-mail and describe your problem. Has a certain error message always been displayed? Let us know this – we can then try to find out the reason. Don’t worry, the cause will surely be found quickly!

    7. I haven’t reached anybody, I can’t get an answer!

      You have a question and don’t get an answer? Our customer service team always tries to clarify all questions and problems on the same day. Find out whether or not there is an e- mail in your spam folder – some e-mail programs do not like our name very much and think that it is unwanted advertisement. Outrageous! If nothing is there, you could also take a look at your “Sent” folder whether the e-mail was really sent and addressed to the correct e-mail address. Please note that we are in the weekend from Friday evening and do not read and answer your e-mails and messages until Monday. If your life depends on this order (you never know…), you may contact joana@odernichtoderdoch.de in really urgent cases and I will see whether or not I can save your life.

  5. Your Account

    1. What is “my account”?

      'My account' is your personal area in our shop which you may open for your order. Here, all your order details will be stored. You may download invoices as a PDF file, create a wish-list (for birthdays or Christmas very practical), modify your data online and much more. Your account is not visible for other customers.

    2. I forgot the password of my account.

      If you forget your password, you may specify this in the log-in process. Click the 'Password forgotten' option. Enter your user name or your e-mail address, and you will obtain a link via e-mail to create a new password.

  6. Vouchers

    1. Are vouchers also available?

      Yes, you may simply order vouchers of different values (10€, 15€, 25€, 50€, 100€) in our online shop. The voucher code will be sent to you as a card. Of course, you may enclose a voucher to your order and perhaps give it to a friend.

  7. I wish to know more about your products!

    1. Can I customize a product?

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize products. If this wish is a personal message or another small surprise, we will see what we can do! Are your calendars and blocks also available in other colours and sizes? All products in the shop are only available in the shown design.

    2. I have a product wish, whom can I contact?

      On our Instagram profile @odernichtoderdoch.de we regularly ask for wishes or involve you in our design issues and decisions. Here, you can provide comments as you like and tell us your wishes and ideas. We are looking forward to that!

    3. I have a question about a product.

      Please take a look at the description whether your question can already be answered there. Otherwise, you can send us an e-mail or reach us by phone or WhatsApp.

  8. I wish to know more about you!

    1. Where does the name odernichtoderdoch come from?

      odernichtoderdoch describes the undecidedness which is involved in life as it is. Who am I, who do I want to be and what do I want to do? The most exciting time is leaving home and the first attempts to take life into one’s own hands. Life is an adventure and everything is possible if you walk through life with your eyes open and don’t take yourself too seriously. Our secret formula: To laugh at yourself at times and learn from your errors instead of regretting them.

    2. How did this shop come into existence, what is the story behind it?

      A few years ago, Joana founded the odernichtoderdoch online blog at the age of 21 to document her turbulent start into independence as a photographer, using pictures and stories. Thanks to her emotional and humorous writing and pictorial style, the community grew very quickly, and the idea to design a desk pad of her own for her desk resulted in the first product of an entire pastel-coloured stationery world.

    3. Who is behind it now, is there a team?

      A young and colourful team has grown up around Joana. The Blog as well as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook provide a personal look behind the scenes of our design team so that you are always up to date. You will find Joana on Snapchat at “lichtpoetin”, Judith at “youdidx3”, Miriam at “mibun” and Alina at “alinagroebi”.